• Any damages and/or cleaning required beyond normal wear & tear will deducted from the security deposit.
  • A statement detailing the security deposit and charges, if any, will be forwarded to the address provided at the time you give notice of your intent to vacate. 30-Day Move Out Notice form.
  • If you would like to schedule a move-out inspection, please call IPM, inc. to set-up a time to meet at the property. Otherwise, turn in your keys and inform management that you have moved out.

Cleaning – All Rooms

  • All carpets must be cleaned at move out by a professional carpet cleaning company. Cannot be personal shampooers/extractors or rental carpet machine. A receipt must be provided to management as proof of carpet cleaning.
  • Linoleum and wood floors must be swept and cleaned with the appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • All light fixtures must be clean.
  • Tenant is responsible for 100% of the cost of painting if it is required to be painted within one year of move in, 50% if during the second year of tenancy.
  • Remove all contents, furniture, and any trash. DO NOT leave furniture next to dumpsters as contracted haulers charge additional amount to remove these items.
  • Clean windows, screens, sills & blinds.
  • Clean all heat registers.
  • Clean woodwork with furniture polish.
  • Wash all walls & ceilings (if needed).
  • Remove all stickers, picture hanging nails, etc. Do not patch larger holes with a putty knife and spackling if you are unfamiliar on how to repair damaged are with texture. (Poor repairs will result in more work and costs to everyone.)


  • Clean sink & faucet.
  • Thoroughly clean exhaust fan & filter.
  • Clean range, oven, broiler pan, oven door, burner trays, and lower drawer of all grease and grim. Make sure to cover floor with newspaper if using oven cleaner as drips will damage floor.
  • Remove liners, clean inside and outside of all cupboards with mild soap solution (including under sink and drawers).
  • Defrost and clean the fridge including drawers, shelves, trays, etc. Leave fridge running or if turned off, prop doors open.
  • Empty dishwasher and clean interior/exterior.
  • Clean behind and underneath stove and fridge.


  • Clean mirror, light(s), inside of medicine cabinet, etc.
  • Clean out vanity and any other cabinets.
  • Scrub sink, shower/tub. Remove soap all soap scum.
  • Clean toilet inside & out.
  • Clean exhaust fan, registers, doors, floors, fixtures and towel bars.


  • Remove all clothing hangers from closet(s).
  • Wipe down closet(s) shelve(s).

Basement/Laundry Area(s)

  • Clean dust from appliance(s), pipe(s), and duct work.
  • Clean lint screen of dryer.
  • Check for clothing in washer/dryer.
  • Clean inside and exterior of machines, floors & shelving.
  • Clean out laundry tub/sink.


  • Clean oil spots with commercial grade cement cleaner.
  • Sweep all concrete surfaces.
  • Sweep/shovel driveway & walkway(s).


  • Mow if needed.
  • Rake lawn and remove debris if needed.

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